Best PC to Watch High-Resolution Porn Videos

Porn consumption depends on a variety of factors. One of them, especially in recent times, is the plot behind the content.

Many producers already know people expect to see actors kissing, nibbling, blowing, licking ears, boobs, dick, cunt, and mostly before intercourse. What they try to do is create scenarios involving a conflict as well as protagonists and antagonists. So the viewer can get turned on while being intrigued at the same time!

Another essential aspect of watching porn is the video (including the pictures and sound) quality. The clearer the scenes, the more audible the moans and sounds of ecstasy, the better the reception accorded the footage.

So the next question that bugs the mind is this: what kind of PC best helps your viewing of high-resolution porn videos. Well, 4k porn videos only work when you have to consider the following things:

  1. Always consider both the software and hardware specifications (and yes, your mind can drift to the different meanings of these terms.)

To exemplify the implications of having the right specs, it is impossible to get a Ford Focus to go 200 mph. It just doesn’t have the engine capacity or power to do it. Apply this logic to your computer; if it comes with an integrated graphics card, the chances are high that those erotic scenes in 1080p or 4K HD you look forward to watching, will lag or drag, and who wants to have a climax stuck in time?

The reason for this is that it takes a large number of system resources to play high-resolution porn videos. Therefore, if you want your mojo to stay strong, it is best to opt for a semi-decent video card with a reasonable amount of memory and at least a dual-core processor in your PC.

2. The location you choose for playing your 4K porn video also matters. For good playback speeds, (so you can get down to other naughty stuff) it’s best to upgrade to the recent solid state hard drives that come with speeds of up to 7200 RPM.

3. Free up your system’s resources. Since your CPU will be mostly utilized playing the HD file, it will lag if the CPU has to keep switching to another process on your system. You can ensure your 4K porn videos play at par by closing all other programs and operations in the taskbar.

4. You could try converting your videos to other formats. For example, if your porn videos are all in AVCHD, you can turn them to a different format like MP4. Also, you should try using the appropriate media player. For 4K porn videos, the preferred choice is often a VLC media player.

After all, said and done, any functional PC model, including Apple MacBook Pro or Dell, would serve you well if you treat it well.