Best Types of Explainer Videos That Ebusinesses Should Choose

After realizing what explainer videos can do to your business. Most online entrepreneurs still find it hard to choose the most suitable type of explainer video. It true that these videos are not only efficient on catching your viewers’ attention, but they also help in maximizing traffic in your website and also handy in seeing your site rank on the first page of various search engines. If you are at crossroads in choosing a perfect explainer video for your site, then here are the best ones that you can try out.

1.    Choose a 2D animation style

Most startups like using this kind of animated explainer videos. New businesses normally are limited to finances, and with these cost-efficient videos, they can still be able to sell themselves online. If you are starting your business online, you may as well consider these low cost but a very effective type of videos for your e-commerce site.

2.    The 2.5D Animation explainer videos

These videos merge both the 3D objects and the 2.D images. The result is an appealing video, sure to attract viewers towards watching what your business is all about. Unlike the 2D videos that take a lot of time creating, the 2.5D explainer videos normally take less time and cost to produce.

3.    3D animation videos for sites

These are among the best explainer videos that every site should embrace. However they come at a higher cost compared to the above animation videos. Nonetheless, when compared to the above explainer videos, the 3D animations are considered appealing and will often catch your viewers’ attention more.

4.    Animaker

With the advent of the internet, a lot of things can be done in the cloud without necessarily being a skilled professional. For example, developing an online store these days only requires one to find a suitable template and a tutorial online, and they are good to go. Likewise, with a site like, you will find programs that will guide through making a compelling explainer video for your site. The software comes with both quality and professional tools that will enable you to make videos fast and easily.

5.    Live Action videos

These are live videos which are used to explain your company or products and services. Here real people are used. To create one, you need to have a perfect set up, comprising of actors, editors, and producers. While most are considered expensive, startups can find a way of creating low-cost live-action animated explainer videos for their sites.