Benefits of Embracing Explainer videos on Your Site

If you are a budding business person looking to take your endeavors to the next level online, you may have thought of launching an e-commerce store. However, with a website, there still a lot that needs to be done to promote it to make more sales. These days, people are not only using the traditional ways of marketing a site but have learned that using explainer videos is the way to go. Explainer videos are short and to the point. Marketers use them to describe their products and services to their prospective customers and also explaining what their businesses are all about.

The benefits of explainer videos for websites are far and reaching. As a marketing tool for your site, they will see your site rank high on search engines. Secondly, these videos help to grasp your audience attention, something that cannot be achieved efficiently using text. Online customers are known to have a low concentration span. In fact, the concentration span is thought to be at an average 8.25 seconds. With this low span, it is practically impossible for them to read through a whole website page, therefore, using an explainer video which is normally short, up to 90 seconds, your message is communicated in a fast, and entertaining way.

If you are yet to adopt explainer videos in your website, then read through these benefits and know why this is the ideal time to embrace them.

1.    They make your products and services more visible

Video marketing is a vital tool for getting your message conveyed to your customers. With nicely created videos about your products and services, these short videos are uploaded on various free video hosting platforms where millions of people can view them. Research shows that more than 70% of all internet users watch explainer videos online. Therefore, with an uploaded explainer video for your products and services, you are sure to reach millions of online users.

2.    Traffic is increased

A properly created explainer video needs to be of high quality, have a perfect script, and have some humor in it. Such a video tends going viral easily. Explainer videos can also be shared easily, and within no time they reach a huge audience. This means that in a matter of seconds, information about your company, products, and services reaches a large population thus increased traffic by customers who want to try your solution.