9 Types of Explainer Videos: Everything You Need to Know

Read this article and discover the different types of explainer videos, how to know which type of video suits you, and etc.
If you know what is an explainer video, its power and why businesses use it, then you probably know that there are different types of explainer videos. As a matter of fact, there are 9 different types of explainer videos and if you want to make the perfect video, it is important for you to know which type of video you want and how to make the video.
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● Screencast Videos

These videos are ones with a voiceover explaining and walking you through an actual product. The screencast videos are usually used for demos, however, hey can also be used in presenting the simplicity and the ease of a certain platform.

● Infographic Videos

An infographic video is an explanation of an infographic into square frames. These videos use a combination of graphics and text to tell a certain story.

● Testimonial Videos

These videos are video explainer that use buyers to tell a positive experience about a specific brand. These videos are a variation of social proof.
Once you will choose which type of video you want to create, you can post it anywhere you like. The best places to post your video is your homepage, on a product page, emails, YouTube channel, and social media channels.
There are numerous benefits to a high-quality and well-made explainer video. You can use explainer videos to boost conversions, to increase customer engagement, for customer acquisition, and for increasing brand awareness. The explainer videos can also be posted on your landing page. According to one research, the landing pages which have a video, have 80% greater conversions. More than 90% of the businesses that use explainer video thing that it has boosted user understanding of their brand, product or service and more than 80% say their homepage has become much more effective. Pretty incredible, right?
Using your own high-quality explainer videos on your website, can make you 50 times more like to show up in the first pages of results, so go on, pick your favorite type of explainer video, come up with a great idea, and create the best video for your brand and business.